Moulded Amber Dropper Bottles for essential oils, lotions and potions!

WHEATON® Amber Moulded Dropper Bottles are manufactured from amber type III glass and are available in a wide range of sizes, ranging from 5ml up to 100ml in capacity. Closure selections sold separately include tamper evident drop

  • Manufactured from amber type III glass
  • All codes have a GL18 tamper evident neck type suitable for WHEATON GL18 dropper assemblies
  • Solid top tamper evident caps, including internal dropper style, and dropper assemblies are sold separately
  • Brilliant packaging solution for storing and dispensing essentail oils and lotions, or mixing and blending

Product Specification

Grouped product items
Item Code Capacité (ml) Diam. x hauteur (mm) Glass type Rodage CN Cdt
930500A 5 22 x 50.2 Amber Type III GL18 228
930510A 10 24.8 x 58 Amber Type III GL18 198
930520A 15 28.5 x 65 Amber Type III GL18 152
930530A 20 28.7 x 71.5 Amber Type III GL18 180
930540A 30 33 x 78.8 Amber Type III GL18 110
930550A 50 37.2 x 92.2 Amber Type III GL18 144
930560A 100 44.5 x 112 Amber Type III GL18 90