Original components. Proven performance

Manufactured in the U.K., the QWS4 combines performance and reliability with exceptional value for money. This new water still incorporates a number of operational and safety features that make this still the ideal choice for yours laboratory.

  • Output capacity 4Litres/Hour pyrogen free* single distilled water
  • Distillate quality complies with European Pharmacopoeia for Purified Water & A.S.T.M. Type 4.
  • Pyrex® glass boiler and condenser minimise potential contamination of distillate from the leaching effect of distilled water on metal components
  • Distillate pH5.0-6.5
  • Distillate conductivity 3.0-5.0uS/cm
  • 3kW chromium plated heating element with 2 independent re-settable thermostats protect the still in the event of water supply failure
  • Easy to clean. No glassware dismantling is required
  • Can wall or bench mounted
  • CE marked by independent testing agency
  • Supplied with an instruction/operating manual

Product Specification

Rubriques de produits groupés
Produit Code Description
QWS4 Quickfit Water Still 4Litres/Hour 3kW 230V 50/60Hz
QWS4/220V Quickfit Water Still 4Litres/Hour 3kW 220V 50/60Hz
QWS4/110V Quickfit Water Still 4Litres/Hour 3kW 110V 50/60Hz