Raccords filetés

Proposant différentes tailles de bouchons à vis, de rondelles en PTFE et de rondelles en caoutchouc silicone, cette gamme de raccords filetés est compatible avec les raccords en verre Quickfit®.

  • For use with Quickfit® glass screwthreads
  • PTFE washers
  • To determine what components are required: i) Check the size of the glass screwthread (size designation refers to O.D. of thread in mm) ii) Check the O.D. of the sampling tube, thermometer, probe etc that is to be passed through the screwcap iii) Consult the table below to order the relevant washer

Product Specification

Grouped product items
Item Code Acceptable diameter through screwcap mm Filetage (mm) Cdt
QW13/6 6.0-7.0 13 10
QW18/7 7.0-8.5 18 10
QW24/6 6.0-7.0 24 10
QW24/9 8.5-9.5 24 10
QW24/11 10.5-11.5 24 10
QW28/6 6.0-7.0 28 10
QW28/11 10.5-11.5 28 10
QW28/18 18.0-19.0 28 10