High Recovery Vials
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  1. WHEATON® NextGen™ V Vials®
    WHEATON® NextGen™ V Vials®
    NextGen V Vials® offer comprehensive collection, automated handling and storage, with the subsequent maximum retrieval of high value samples
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  2. WHEATON® Spin Vanes for NextGen V Vials®
    WHEATON® Spin Vanes for NextGen V Vials®
    Spin Vanes are 'V' shape and are constructed with a cross-mounted, moulded-in magnetic bar. The stir bars are PTFE-coated for use with aggressive chemical samples and are heat- and chemically-resistant
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  3. WHEATON® E-Z Ex-Traction® Vials
    WHEATON® E-Z Ex-Traction® Vials
    WHEATON high recovery vials are optimal for manual and automated compound or biological sample applications. Add WHEATON® premium services barcoding for E-Z traceability and identification
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The benefits of our High Recovery Vials

For primary packaging, particularly of high-value products including biologics and some vaccines, a high recovery vial such as the NextGenV-Vial® provides long-term savings for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

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