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  1. WHEATON® Blood Collection Tubes
    WHEATON® Blood Collection Tubes
    WHEATON offer CE Marked Glass Blood Collection Tubes without Anticoagulant for the collecting of blood for DNA, blood grouping and toxicology. Available in sizes from 2ml to 10ml, WHEATON blood collection tubes, are manufactured from type III soda glass, and are available with or without patient label. The 10ml version is also manufactured in either a narrow or wide neck style for ease of use. All glass blood collection tubes are CE marked in accordance with EU directive 98/79/EC.
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  2. WHEATON® Capillary Tubes
    WHEATON® Capillary Tubes
    Capillary tubes are manufactured from high quality medical tubes in glass for handling and transporting liquid or fluids. The ability of capillarity is necessary when you have to get liquid to flow against gravity. WHEATON micro-haematocrit tubes are quality products that conform to international standard ISO 12772. The tubes are available in economy cardboard boxes, which reduce transport and handling costs.
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  3. Azlon® Gas delivery tubes, polypropylene
    Azlon® Gas delivery tubes, polypropylene
    Our polypropylene Azlon® gas delivery tubes are suitable for many types of gas collection experiments in schools and universities. Pre-bent, rigid polypropylene delivery tubes are unbreakable in normal use and ideal substitutes for fragile, hazardous glass alternatives.
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  4. WHEATON® Specimen Tubes
    WHEATON® Specimen Tubes
    A versatile range of clear tubular glass specimen tubes suitable for a wide range of applications in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and healthcare industries. Available from stock in convenient pack sizes. WHEATON specimen tubes are an economical option perfect for low risk and certain pharmaceutical applications, and are available in 13 different sizes perfect for various samples.
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  5. MBL® Cylinders, Nessler
    MBL® Cylinders, Nessler
    Also known as colour comparison tubes, Nessler cylinders are used in colorimetric analysis where the colour of the contents of the cylinder is compared to a reference sample.
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  6. Centrifuge tube conical base, graduated
    Centrifuge tube conical base, graduated
    These thick walled conical bottom centrifuge tubes are graduated up to 10ml.
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  7. Centrifuge tube conical base, plain
    Centrifuge tube conical base, plain
    This popular size centrifuge tube can be centrifuged up to 3000 RCF.
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  8. Centrifuge Tube with ground socket
    Centrifuge Tube with ground socket
    Quickfit® centrifuge tubes feature a ground glass socket to accept a short ‘C’ length glass stopper.
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  9. Centrifuge tube cylindrical type
    Centrifuge tube cylindrical type
    Round bottom cylindrical heavy wall centrifuge tubes.
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  10. Centrifuge tube pear shape, ASTM
    Centrifuge tube pear shape, ASTM
    Complying to ASTM D96 and D-1966, these 100ml pear shape centrifuge tubes are suitable for the determination of water and sediment in petroleum products.
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When only a Centrifuge Tube will do

SciLabware manufacture many different types of tubes for many different types of purposes, but if you are centrifuging, look no further than our plastic and glass options for all centrifuge tubes needs. With the maximum Relative Centrifugal Force (RCF) noted for each tube so you can be sure your sample is safe during your work.

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