Sample Handling Devices
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  1. Azlon® Cutting board
    Azlon® Cutting board
    The Azlon® cutting board is comprised of robust polypropylene, is non-absorbent and easy to clean.
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  2. Azlon® Draining rack
    Azlon® Draining rack
    Available as a wall mounted or free-standing option, the Azlon® draining rack offers superior heat and ch...
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  3. Azlon® Measuring scoop, Polypropylene
    Azlon® Measuring scoop, Polypropylene
    With a flat top for levelling off powders, The Azlon® measuring scoop in polypropylene also features a fl...
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  4. Azlon® Microcentrifuge tube rack
    Azlon® Microcentrifuge tube rack
    Composed of autoclavable polypropylene, the Azlon® test tube rack features numeric place coding for easy ...
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  5. Azlon® Petri dish stand
    Azlon® Petri dish stand
    Manufactured from polyamide epoxy coated steel, the Azlon® petri dish stand offers superior heat and chem...
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  6. Azlon® Pipette stand
    Azlon® Pipette stand
    Comprised of chemically resistant polypropylene, the Azlon® pipette stand is suitable for use with all Az...
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  7. Azlon® Round scoops, Polypropylene
    Azlon® Round scoops, Polypropylene
    With a round design that prevents the splitting of bags and sacks, the Azlon® scoop in polypropylene is a...
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  8. Azlon® Scoop, HDPE
    Azlon® Scoop, HDPE
    Lightweight with good chemical resistance and even suitable for food contact applications.
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  9. Azlon® Spatula, Polypropylene
    Azlon® Spatula, Polypropylene
    With good chemical and heat resistance, the Azlon® polypropylene spatula is virtually unbreakable in norm...
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  10. Azlon® Spotting tile, Polypropylene
    Azlon® Spotting tile, Polypropylene
    Unbreakable in normal use, the Azlon® spotting tile is a great alternative to ceramic tiles especially in...
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  11. Azlon® Test tube and peg rack
    Azlon® Test tube and peg rack
    With a shape designed to ensure good sample visibility, the Azlon® test tube rack is easy to assemble and...
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  12. Azlon® Test tube rack
    Azlon® Test tube rack
    Designed to sink in water baths and composed of autoclavable polypropylene, the Azlon® test tube rack fea...
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The options available in our Sample Handling range

Ramboldi® offer loops for anti-static weigh boats for general purpose weighing and powders, and inoculation loops for smooth plating and streaking. WHEATON® and Azlon® offer racks for vials and test tubes to ensure your sample is safely stored, and Pyrex® offer glass pestle and mortars for mixing and grinding. Plenty of options.

Laboratory products you may also be interested in...