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  1. Quickfit® Anchor stirrer shaft
    Quickfit® Anchor stirrer shaft
    These glass stirrer shafts are specifically designed for use with round bottom wide-neck reaction vessels.
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  2. Quickfit® Fixed paddle stirrer shaft
    Quickfit® Fixed paddle stirrer shaft
    The design of the paddle head on this glass stirrer shaft helps to reduce the overall power consumption of th...
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  3. Quickfit® PTFE stirrer blade
    Quickfit® PTFE stirrer blade
    Suitable for use at temperatures up to 250oC, these PTFE stirrer blades are designed to used in conjunction w...
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  4. Quickfit® Stirrer glands, glass
    Quickfit® Stirrer glands, glass
    Designed to facilitate the use of stirrer shafts with jointed glass flasks and vessels.
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  5. Quickfit® Stirrer glands, PTFE
    Quickfit® Stirrer glands, PTFE
    Available with either a PTFE or brass cone, these stirrer glands are also fitted with drive pulley wheels.
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  6. Quickfit® Stirrer guides
    Quickfit® Stirrer guides
    These stirrer guides are intended to reduce the amount of flexing in glass stirrer shafts when in use that co...
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  7. SVL® Stirrer bearings
    SVL® Stirrer bearings
    Designed to be used with the SVL® glass stirrer shafts, these bearings can be connected with either SVL® or...
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  8. SVL® Stirrer heads
    SVL® Stirrer heads
    A range of PTFE coated stirrer heads designed to screw into the threads on SVL® glass stirrer shafts.
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  9. SVL® Stirrer shaft
    SVL® Stirrer shaft
    Borosilicate glass stirrer shafts with threaded connection for use with SVL® stirrer heads and bearings.
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The benefits of using our Quickfit® Stirrers

Our Quickfit® and SVL® borosilicate glass stirrer guides, shafts, paddles and PTFE stirrer blades are specifically designed for use in large scale reaction and culture vessels. Featuring ground glass joints, these products are fully interchangeable with other Quickfit® and SVL® jointed glassware items.

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