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Particularly popular in schools, colleges and universities, the Quickfit® 29BU/M and 27BU organic chemistry kits utilise the same 14/23 conical joint size for ensures that a wide variety of assemblies can be made up from a small number of components. The 29BU/M is a basic starter kit containing 5 glass components, whilst the 27BU contains 9 items and allows the construction of at least 8 assemblies including steam distillation, reflux with addition and preparation apparatus. Both of these kits are based on starting material quantities up to 30g. These kits are supplied in robust cardboard boxes with foam liners to house and protect all the parts safely in the minimum amount of space. For smaller scale experiments, the Quickfit® ML1 microscale organic chemistry kit is ideal, as it is designed for experiments where milligram quantities of reagents are used. This set comprises 12 glassware items that all utilise a 14/10 joint size. The Wheaton® Micro Kit® is also suitable for smaller scale organic and environmental chemistry experiments and contains 14 glass components all utilising a 19/22 American Standard Taper joint size. The glass components are packed in a high density polyethylene case with a foam insert to protect the components against breakage. The benefits of have all the glassware you need in one box are clear.

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