Flat Flange Products
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  1. Flat flange joint
    Flat flange joint
    These precision ground flat flange joints (also known as butt joints), are ideal for use as pipeline joints o...
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  2. Pressed flanges
    Pressed flanges
    These flange blanks can be used by glassblowers to construct wide neck reaction vessels and flanks.
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  3. Quickfit®  Flasks, reaction, jacketed
    Quickfit® Flasks, reaction, jacketed
    These double walled vessels have an outer jacket for the circulation of a temperature controlled liquid (wate...
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  4. Quickfit® Culture vessels
    Quickfit® Culture vessels
    The 500ml and 1000ml capacity vessels are a straight sided cylindrical shape, whereas the other sizes of vess...
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  5. Quickfit® Flasks, reaction, wide neck, flat flange
    Quickfit® Flasks, reaction, wide neck, flat flange
    With a flat glass flange top joint that allows easy access to the vessel contents, these large capacity flask...
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  6. Quickfit® Lids for wide neck flasks
    Quickfit® Lids for wide neck flasks
    Designed to fit the Quickfit® wide neck reaction flasks and culture vessels, these flat flange lids are a...
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  7. Quickfit® PTFE seals
    Quickfit® PTFE seals
    Although Quickfit® flat flange joints are precision ground to give a tight seal, these PTFE seals provide...
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  8. Quickfit® Retaining clip for wide neck flask lids
    Quickfit® Retaining clip for wide neck flask lids
    Manufactured from stainless steel, these metal clips are designed to securely hold the Quickfit® flat fla...
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The benefits of using our Flat Flange products

The Quickfit®reaction and culture vessels have either a 75mmm or 100mm bore flange opening, depending on vessel capacity, and feature a precision ground flat-flange joint. A range of separate flask lids are available with a variety of ground socket configurations that allow the connection of other Quickfit® products such as condensers, columns, dropping funnels, stirrers and thermometer adapters. SVL® reaction vessels are manufactured from Pyrex® borosilicate glass and have a smaller diameter flange than the Quickfit® versions. The flask lids to fit these vessels have SVL® screwthread joints that allow connection to other SVL® threaded components.

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