Cell Culture Flasks
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  1. Pyrex® Flasks, culture, baffled
    Pyrex® Flasks, culture, baffled
    Ideal for use in cell culture applications, these narrow neck conical flasks feature 4 baffle indents that provide greater agitation of the culture media to improve oxygen or gas transfer when used with rotary or reciprocating shakers.
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  2. Pyrex® Flasks, culture, baffled, membrane screwcap
    Pyrex® Flasks, culture, baffled, membrane screwcap
    These baffle flasks are supplied with a blue polypropylene GL45 screwcap fitted with a 0.2um PTFE gas-permeable membrane that allows gaseous exchange whilst the contents remain sterile.
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  3. Pyrex® Flasks, culture, baffled, Delong neck
    Pyrex® Flasks, culture, baffled, Delong neck
    The 4 equidistant baffle indents in the sides of these flasks causes a turbulent flow in the growth media increasing the oxygen intake of the cells. Proper aeration and the ability to maintain consistent agitation are essential for the growth of suspension cell cultures.
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  4. Pyrex® Flasks, culture, conical, Delong neck
    Pyrex® Flasks, culture, conical, Delong neck
    Similar in shape to a standard Erlenmeyer flask, these culture flasks have a plain Delong neck compatible with push-on aluminium or polypropylene closures.
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  5. Pyrex® Flasks, culture, Fernbach
    Pyrex® Flasks, culture, Fernbach
    Named after the French biologist, Auguste Fernbach, these flasks are suited for large volume cell culture where the culture requires a large surface area to volume ratio. The flasks are available with either a plain Delong neck or GL45 membrane screwcap.
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  6. Pyrex® Culture flask closures
    Pyrex® Culture flask closures
    Designed to be used with the Pyrex® culture flasks with the plain Delong necks, these closures are available manufactured from either aluminium or polypropylene.
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  7. Pyrex® Flasks, culture, cylindrical
    Pyrex® Flasks, culture, cylindrical
    Particularly suitable for fermentation applications, these culture flasks are a cross between a bottle and a conical flask.
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  8. Pyrex® Flasks, Roux culture, off-set neck
    Pyrex® Flasks, Roux culture, off-set neck
    The Roux flask is designed with an off-set neck so that, when the flask is laid flat, the flask will hold approximately half of the stated flask capacity of media.
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The benefits of using our Culture Flasks

Our Pyrex® range of cell culture flasks include Fernbach flasks, cylindrical flasks and baffle flasks with 4 equidistant baffle indents that provide optimal and consistent agitation when used with compatible orbital shakers. These flasks are re-usable, being suitable for repeated autoclave cycles, and are available with different neck closure options to suit your requirements. SciLabware is also able to supply the innovative Wheaton CELLineTM bioreactor flasks designed to enhance small scale bio-production for antibody and protein generation. CELLineTM flasks are specifically designed to be cost efficient by reducing operation time and decreasing the use of consumables, but give improved high cell density and concentration.

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