SciLabware provides innovative primary packaging solutions contributing to our customers’ success

Supplying our products to a wide range of market sectors; from Pharmaceutical and Diagnostics, Environmental and Homeopathy to Chemicals and Industrial

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Working closely together with our customers, our team is dedicated to developing and delivering a packaging solution tailored for your project

We provide our customers quality solutions, meeting their highest demands with our expertise and broad product portfolio; including ampoules, dropper pipettes and assemblies, glass and plastic bottles and a comprehensive range of vials and closure systems.

Our focus is to design and develop complete solutions to the daily challenges in life science, personal care, diagnostics and pharmaceutical packaging markets. Our flexible approach to each and every project means our customers benefit from a single source supply partner with exceptional customer service.

Choosing the right primary packaging

Primary packaging is any packaging or packaging component (such as the container, container liner, closure, etc) which will or may come into contact product contents. Due to this, extreme consideration must be put into choosing the most suitable container for the application. Among other things, the chosen packaging solution must be:

  • Resilient to its environment and any sterilisation methods it is subject to
  • Compliant with relevant laws and regulations related to the application
  • Durable and functional for purpose throughout the shelf life of the contents
  • Able to maintain complete sterility of its contents (where applicable)

Our dedicated team are always on hand to offer you the best advice when it comes to choosing the right primary packaging. Whether you need help deciding on the correct packaging material, or are unsure of the most suitable primary container to use - we’re here to help.

How does SciLabware support Primary Packaging Customers?

Calling on over 100 years of industry experience, today SciLabware is one of the world’s leading providers of Primary Packaging solutions for a variety of Industry sectors. We are committed to meeting the changing needs of market leading companies in the life science, diagnostic and pharmaceutical sectors across the globe from product development to commercialisation.

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