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We provide high quality products for life science applications enabling people around the world to change the world for the better

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Delivering a quality range of plastic products for use in Life Science testing and research

SciLabware offers a range of products specifically designed for the clinical laboratory, offering a cost effective choice of sample containers, blood collection tubes, inoculating needles and loops, transfer pipettes, pipette tips, tubes, gallipots, wash bottles and, media vials and bottles to hospital pathology laboratories.

The Ramboldi© brand name has been synonymous with quality in single use plastics. This reputation has been built upon a long history and relationship with customers across the sector.

Popular products used in Clinical laboratories…

SciLabware offers a range of products specifically designed for the clinical laboratory

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Laboratory is at the heart of what we do. However, our diverse offering enables us to provide innovative Packaging solutions and custom products bespoke to your requirements whatever sector you are in.

The latest from SciLabware

Supporting science education

SciLabware has been a proud supplier to UK education customers for many years and we are pleased to announce the new changes to the distribution of our brands.

New to the Azlon® range- The Azlon® Round Integral Wash Bottle

SciLabware is happy to introduce the new Azlon® Round Integral Wash Bottle!

SciLabware introduces sterile ready-to-use WHEATON® COMPLETEPAK

WHEATON®  COMPLETEPAK is a range of primary packaging components supplied sterile ready-to-use from a single source.

Quickfit® QWS4 Water Still - Still the Original

SciLabware is proud to re-introduce the Quickfit® name into the water distillation market with the launch of the new Quickfit® QWS4 Water Still.

Store bleach in a labelled wash bottle to prevent accidents!

Sodium Hypochlorite ‘bleach’ wash bottles were added to our Azlon® Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) compliant wash bottle range in 2016.