SciLabware’s glass and plasticware is used everyday in schools, colleges and Universities around the world

Providing students and staff with the tools to develop important practical skills and support research at all stages of Education

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Helping chemistry and biology departments achieve their educational goals

Our products find their way into many chemistry and biology departments, helping educators achieve their goals by ensuring their laboratories are stocked with the world’s leading brands of glass and plasticware.

SciLabware is active at local school level in Europe and abroad supporting educational programs focused around glass and plastic. In addition to providing top quality products, we also support schools and colleges learn more about health and safety and provide insights for how to prolong the life of your laboratory glass and plastic products.

With our long history, SciLabware has been supporting science education for over 100 years and we see no reason to stop now…

Learn how our products make a difference in the academic sector.....

SciLabware has been supporting Education in Schools, Colleges and Universities for decades. Below are some of the most popular products used in Education today…

Popular products used in Academic laboratories…

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Laboratory is at the heart of what we do. However, our diverse offering enables us to provide innovative Packaging solutions and custom products bespoke to your requirements whatever sector you are in.

The latest from SciLabware

SciLabware to showcase clinical range at IBMS Congress 2019

SciLabware, a company of DWK Life Sciences, is pleased to announce it will be exhibiting at the IBMS Congress, ICC Birmingham from 23rd – 25th September 2019.

Solutions to suit your liquid handling needs

The new Azlon® Vented Round Integral Wash Bottle is designed to dispense liquid in a safe and efficient manner. With traditional wash bottles the inner tube can typically be placed on the laboratory ...

Quickfit® QWS4 Water Still - Still the Best

Since it was launched last year, the QWS4 has established itself as one of the best water stills of its type on the market. Although some other water stills may look similar, the QWS4 is the only wate...

Ramboldi® Quality single use plastics for all your laboratory needs

Scilabware is pleased to offer the Ramboldi® range of single use plastic products for use in general microbiology and life science applications. Specifically aimed at customers within the ...

Ready to use single source primary packaging solution

The WHEATON®  COMPLETEPAK product line is a range of tubular glass serum vials, rubber stoppers and seals supplied ready-to-use in one complete kit, certified to European Pharmacopoeia an...