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  1. WHEATON® AC Round Bottles
    WHEATON® AC Round Bottles
    WHEATON Atlantic City round bottles are ideal for sampling, and can also be used to store dry powders, soil samples, and specimens.
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  2. WHEATON® Boston Round Bottles
    WHEATON® Boston Round Bottles
    The narrow mouth and sloped shoulders makes these WHEATONboston bottles ideal for the pouring and storing of liquids.
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  3. WHEATON® French Square Bottles
    WHEATON® French Square Bottles
    The square design of the WHEATON French square bottles allows for full utilisation of any storage area, maximising space efficiency.
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  4. WHEATON® Valumetric™ Graduated Bottles
    WHEATON® Valumetric™ Graduated Bottles
    With the added benefit of graduations, these WHEATON Valumetric™ graduated bottles are ideal sample bottles, for dry powders, soil samples and specimen storage.
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