Laboratory Glassware

For more than 70 years we have been recognised as one of the worlds leading manufacturers of technical glassware.

The SciLabware portfolio of laboratory glassware features over 2,500 standard products from beakers and bottles to flasks, dishes and test tubes.

Our products are branded with some of the most famous names in science.

  • Pyrex borosilicate glassware
  • Quickfit interchangeable jointed glassware
  • MBL volumetric glassware including burettes, cylinders, flasks and pipettes
  • Rotaflo stopcocks for a variety of applications including general purpose and high vacuum usage.

  • Glassware production is based around our UK plant in Staffordshire, home to some of the world's most highly skilled scientific glassblowers. Their hand-crafted work is complemented by some of the best modern glass working equipment available.

    We work to the most rigorous British and International standards. Product excellence is achieved by the enforcement of strict quality standards and meticulous quality control. The result is a quality conscious culture committed to total customer satisfaction.