We offer comprehensive range of Quickfit® sets, specially designed to cover the requirements of practical chemistry in many different applications.
•Sets are available for both organic and inorganic chemistry, from simple inorganic experiments to the complex organic chemistry techniques.
•The scope of Quickfit® sets is wide and varied. There is a set suitable for everyone: the teacher of inorganic chemistry demonstrating the preparation of gases; the student of advanced organic chemistry; the industrial laboratory carrying out only a small amount of preparative work on a microscale or the researcher performing complex multi-stage syntheses.
•The majority of sets are supplied in boxes designed to house all the parts safely in the minimum amount of space. Perfectly sized to fit into any laboratory drawer.
•All the apparatus contained in any Quickfit® is completely interchangeable. Every piece of equipment in the 27BU and 29BU/M has joint size 14/23. This greatly increases the versatility of the sets.

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