Quickfit Jointed Ware

Quickfit® pioneered the concept of interchangeable joints in 1934.

Today, the Quickfit® name is renowned throughout the world for quality and reliability.

Quickfit® ground-glass joints are precision manufactured with an accurate taper and smooth finish for leak-free performance and assured interchangeability. The Quickfit® range comprises over 1,000 products, enabling the user to construct the widest choice of assemblies.

Quickfit® glassware is manufactured exclusively from Pyrex® borosilicate glass. This type of glass has a very low co-efficient of expansion, allowing use at both elevated and sub-zero temperatures.

Quickfit® is the first choice of scientists who demand maximum performance and value for money.

The Scilabware catalogue features over 3,000 laboratory products including the entire Quickfit® range. To reserve a free copy click here to register your details.